The County Championships

What is the County Champs

There are four stages to the County Championship.

Gather signups

We open signups to start to gather information on players that want to take part in the County Championship. While signing up you mark if you're interested in being a captain of your county. It is a captain's responsibility to build the team for their county.

Pick captains

Once we have a good number of signups, captains will be picked for each county with enough players to form a team. For the counties without enough players, we will look into ways of bending county boundaries to make sure as many people as possible get the chance to take part. For example, in Season 1 we made split Scotland into two so they could put together two teams.

Pick teams

After the captains have been chosen, they'll have access to see all players from their county and can start building their team. Unlike Season 1, we will not limit teams to hopefully prevent people using players from other counties.

Release dates

While teams are being built by the captains, we will work out the best format for the tournament and start setting dates for matches.