The County Championships


Name Captain Players
The Surrey Bashers Duck 6
The Surrey Gummy Bears dek 7
The Surrey Lions Kav 6
The London Noobs SpeedyG 4
The London Crew vertiGo 9
The Kent Silvers Flakes 5
The Kent Campers h0rseyy 8
The Hampshire Baiters gfdgdf 1
The Hampshire Animals Jay 9
The Essex Warriors Kempy 9
The Essex Baiters CRMJ 10
The West Midlands Elite z1nked 4
The West Midlands Aimbotters Taylerdoodle/outypoo 5
The Lancashire Campers claw 3
The Lancashire Bushwhackers Exny 5
The Bristol Cow-tippers Sophiee 8
The Bristol Bashers EB 9
The Somerset Peekers ItzFreddo 5
The Somerset Silvers LainShot 6
The Oxfordshire Campers logzi 2
The Oxfordshire Drunks cat. 10
The Tyne and Wear Defusers resu 7
The Tyne and Wear Destroyers LogiK 7
The Merseyside Slackers tamsteR 6
The Merseyside Gummy Bears Adamxoxo 9
The West Yorkshire Hamsters Pommey 7
The West Yorkshire Cheeky Chappies smooya 1
The Berkshire Drunks nono 5
The Berkshire Hamsters chron1c 8
The Hertfordshire Elite addict 5
The Hertfordshire Warriors Snodz 5
The South Yorkshire Peekers Azura 7
The South Yorkshire Head Hunters ADZY 3
The Lincolnshire Tree Huggers Caspian -L- 8
The Lincolnshire Slackers saMM 1
The Devon Slackers nK 10
The Devon Lurkers reKap 4
The Cambridgeshire Elite Cynic 8
The Cambridgeshire Lurkers GeeStrike 5
The Norfolk Silvers DonTy♥ 8
The Norfolk Destroyers zOiBeN 1
The Nottinghamshire Head Hunters gsr 9
The West Sussex Cheeky Chappies BMQN 7
The Cheshire Lurkers Daviwantime 9
The Cornwall Fakers paynt 10
The Derbyshire Rushers fearLess 7
The North Yorkshire Head Hunters KSM 10
The Glamorgan Baiters Rybak 8
The Buckinghamshire Globals K1NDEADLY 10
The Fife Crew w00dy 4
The Greater Manchester Peekers Leaf 7
The Cumbria Warriors Neggies 10
The Northamptonshire Hamsters zRni 6
The Staffordshire Aimbotters Ansta 5
The East Sussex Cheeky Chappies Kray 5
The Dorset Silvers dUdLeY 4
The Aberdeenshire Scallywags Tricks 8
The Suffolk Lurkers HULK 5
The Wiltshire Globals LTX- 7
The Midlothian Animals hendo 9
The Leicestershire Warriors MattjA 7
The East Yorkshire Crushers m1sfit 6
The Bedfordshire Crushers STARRY 9
The Durham Slackers DMT 8
The Cleveland Drunks SHEEKEY 5
The Antrim Rushers Mythic 6
The West Lothian Elite zedj 6
The Dumbartonshire Peekers jMz 4
The Warwickshire Scurvy Dogs fMr 3
The Monmouthshire Spinbots CallumM 1
The Gloucestershire Hamsters Limes 4
The Northumberland Tree Huggers Adam ♕ 5
The Gwynedd Rushers Esio 1
The East Sussex Lions Brod 5
The West Sussex Falcons InVerts 3
The Derbyshire Wanderers Flex 7
The Fife Scallywags Muza 8
The Avon Hamsters .xtR 8
The London Peekers The Half Estonian 1
The West Midlands Defusers masoN 10
The Hampshire Silvers ApoLLo 10
The Kent Aimbotters shad0w 5
The Glamorgan Spinbots m0g 1
The Cornwall Tree Huggers Cup Of Joe 2
The Cheshire Cutthroats s4m 1
The Nottinghamshire Cow-tippers Sqishh 6
The North Yorkshire Gummy Bears SjB 1
The Dorset Bashers Phantom 1
The Durham Lions kh40s69 5
The Isle of Wight Crew Reg 3
The Pembrokeshire Wanderers NeXz 9
The Middlesex Hamsters Nakaine 4
The Herefordshire Crew TommyG113 1
The Buckinghamshire Cheeky Chappies kumar 1
The Dublin Destroyers DeaNjB 8
The Waterford Warriors Pachenko 4
The Down Wanderers nox 6
The Cork Campers GawReH 6
The Bristol Hamsters Hayhay 5
The Lanarkshire Lurkers demPELE 8
The Middlesex Gummy Bears Pankrakles 5